The GeekPro 2.0 Plus Underwater Action Camera

When filming or shooting underwater with a GeekPro 2.0 Plus action camera there will be basically two factors influencing the colors of your respective subject; depth and distance. With regard to depth, the deeper you’re the better the topic turns blue and green. If you wish to avoid this difficulty, you have to stay where you might see all of the colors, because your underwater action camera are going to see them as well. As far as the distance of the subject, the problem is the same as with depth.

A rule used by professional people in cases like this is usually it really does not have to be not exceeding 3 ft 1 m distant further from subject. Final tip, avoid utilizing the zoom just as much as you can. When you follow the rule of the utmost distance you will not demand it, and finally a large angle objective can film additional light and also your photos will be stunning and vibrant.

You’re prepared for your desired holiday in the Bahamas and need to capture every breathtaking little while. The first thing you may wish to get this is usually a underwater sports action camera. However, which GoPro alternative model is the best option? Well, like for example almost any situation, the perfect solution boils down to your budget. You will find the ideal camera for spending budget of $100 and an appropriate one for $60. So, at the beginning, figure out the amount that you’re ready too spend to have an underwater sports camera.

Geek Pro 2.0 plus

In situations when you have little money surplus following a earn money for those vacation you will be pleased to realize that there still remain incredibly cheap single use underwater cameras available. Nevertheless, keep in mind that these particular cameras still employ classic film, and after you shoot your photos don’t expect to try a LCD display, you might need to utilize the classic viewfinder, which isn’t particularly comfortable once you put on a mask.

Instead, if you’ve quite a lot of dollars to take a position, I advise that you simply buy an electronic digital GeekPro 2.0 underwater camera. The Geek Pro is basically a powerful Wifi 1080p underwater reliable device, and has quite a few additional features for an inexpensive price. Or just generate a few searches on GoPro alternatives through the web, and you might be shocked how it is that the GeekPro action camera ranks surrounded by the other models at reasonable prices.

Shooting underwater might be among the most difficult things steps to take if you own an action camera. Even if you’ve the latest and expensive model, your footage will still look the identical if you do not know the best way to use your action cam properly. One fact many individuals have no idea, however, is that you can take amazing footages even when you only know basic things such being aware of the correct lens filter to use and the correct accessories along with your underwater camera. In this post, we’ll share some fundamental tips and tricks on things which will provide you a superior underwater videos in no time.

GeekPro Accessories to Use:

Lens – For some sports and hobbies, using action camera accessories is sweet but probably not optional. The same doesn’t apply when shooting underwater since you have to use specific extras to improve the videos. For example, a standard or flat lens is the one sort of lens recommended for use for underwater purposes basically because they give away better colors to your videos. A lens cover can be required since it upgrades the resolution and focus of one’s camera.

Filters – Lens Filters are accessories placed in the usual housing and some adjusting balance the red and green color bias of underwater surroundings. Because the saturation of hues differenciates below surface, a red filter is designed by those that take footages because it aids in making the color of the water start off lighter plus the objects being shot more concentrated in hue. The right lens color filter is a must because the deeper you decide to go the colour of the mash changes.

Housing – Action cameras are fully waterproof but they can accommodate different water depths according to their model and make. For instance, there’s the Contour Roam 2 that can be consumed to three feet underwater and to discover the GoPro and that is more sophisticated and may accommodate up to a surprising 200 feet of depth. Before shooting, assess first in case the below surface depth you might be shooting could be held up by your camera. If it isn’t, buying a trusty housing is required as it’ll protect your gadget from pressure and leaks.

Secrets to Amazing Underwater Videos:

A synthetic source of light is not that convenient when filming underwater. Unless you’re thinking of get silhouette shots of your respective subject, always film when using the sun behind you since it’s going to serve as your natural lighting.

The auto-focus settings should be utilized for close-ups while medium and long shots must be carried out by applying the manual focus. Shooting an issue that’s far from you? You will enhance its color by filming it against a foreground of corals. Prevent “underwater jogging” as much as possible. It is a term widely used to refer to excessive shaking regarding a camera as a result of the swimming belonging to person. Instead, float while you’ve the recording button pushed. Follow these tips and little secrets to enhance the true quality of your videos.

Take into consideration the GeekPro 2.0 Underwater Action Sports Camera

The GeekPro 2.0 Plus underwater sports camera has plenty of accessory you might need, it posseses wi-fi capabilities, its waterproof (but in its waterproof case) and is actually fully HD! You may loop videos, time lapse, continuous lapse, time stamp, take photos, play back and choose about 11 different languages.An important, it is equipped with battery replacement, comes in a hard carrying case shell for best protection and great storage everything maintains its sections.

It Supports loop recording, which implies once your SD card is full it goes to delete previous recordings generate room for more,and time lapse,These are generally option that will be turned on or off.It supports continuous recording while charging in situations it is going to stop recoding when a battery malfunction runs out. You will take pictures underwater, take pictures out of your bike, take pictures out of your car, or screwed onto a helmet.The accessories are suited with all the Gopro cameras. It features just basic button and a bigger 2 inch color LCD screen so that you can actually see what you’re filming and recording. By way of this action camera you you anticipate to have 12mp photos and full HD 1080p quality videos.

Things are taken with a 170 degree wide angle fisheye lens – which is ideal when trying to push everything in.It shoots HD 1080p 30fps. The clear shell casing that comes already is shockproof and waterproof up to 30M also easy to fight and off and doesn’t jam up. The camera itself is compact in size so it is easy to hold around. The HD camera has a Wifi and you’ll download the free app which allows you to control the camera from your phone. All you want is load the APP (Scan the QR code in the cardboard within the package) the app is convenient to use when you have it all connected.

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